Ergonomics Evaluation Process

My approach to evaluating your workplace ergonomics is to gather an overall picture of your organisation and then more specific information on some or all of the following:

  • Your organisation’s structure
  • The history and background that prompted the evaluation
  • Data on floor plans, staff organisation, staff training and other relevant operational and functional features
  • Work task, work flow and work load features, in particular analysing interactions between staff and other elements of the work system.
  • To support the evaluation, relevant staff and management will be interviewed, and I will observe, measure, photograph and/or videotape relevant equipment, work processes and/or staffs’ work technique.

Other evaluation points to note are:

  • Recognised and validated ergonomics assessment tools will be utilised as part of the evaluation
  • Consultation with staff will be as wide as possible 
  • Certain psychosocial factors may be identified during the evaluation process; where indicated, the relative importance of them will be noted
  • More than one on-site visit may be required in order to collect sufficient information
  • Advice and education to individual staff, e.g. on correct work technique or safe work practices, may be offered during the assessment or as part of a follow-up visit
  • Implementing recommended changes is usually an iterative process.

I am able to conduct virtual workstation and workplace assessments. Contact me here