Ergonomics – a good investment

The New Zealand Ergonomics Society defines ergonomics as “a technology that seeks to improve mental and physical wellbeing by optimising the function of the human-machine-environment systems”. As an employer, you are well aware that sound performance and a good health and safety record can reduce staff and organisational costs. Over time, they should bring you the benefits of improved productivity and optimal function, and add to the overall wellbeing and  of your organisation.

Ergonomics evaluation & advisory services

My ergonomics evaluation and advisory services include the following:

  • Work task and work flow analysis
  • Assessment of workplace layout, workplace equipment and related environment features
  • Workplace hazard identification
  • Appraisal of existing design and/or of proposed design modifications
  • Review of health & safety policies and practices
  • Report writing on evaluation findings and recommendations.

In addition to the above services, I am available to carry out assessments of individual staff who are; experiencing musculoskeletal discomfort symptoms.

Ergonomics evaluation reports

My evaluation reports are timely and fully documented. They will include a summary of the evaluation findings and any recommendations made, and will usually be forwarded to you within five working days of the evaluation.

Follow-up on the evaluation recommendations will usually occur. This will generally be done by email or telephone.

Report Folders

I am able to conduct virtual workstation and workplace assessments. Contact me here