Philippa GrimesPhilippa Grimes is a Wellington physiotherapist who works in occupational health and ergonomics. She is the owner/operator of Philippa Grimes Consulting.

As well as her physiotherapy qualification, she has a Diploma of Occupational Health Practice (University of Otago) and a Post-graduate Diploma of Ergonomics (Massey University). Philippa is one of five Advanced Practitioners (Occupational Health) of the former New Zealand College of Physiotherapy Health (now incorporated into Physiotherapy New Zealand).

After many years of clinical experience she developed a focus and knowledge in the prevention, assessment and management of workplace musculoskeletal conditions, predominantly those that come under the ‘discomfort, pain and injury’ umbrella e.g. back pain.


Philippa Grimes Consulting's Mission Statement

To provide a quality, professional and client-focussed occupational health and ergonomics assessment and advisory service relating to:

  1. the management of workplace musculoskeletal conditions and symptoms and
  2. workplace ergonomics.

Optimising the fit between what staff do, how they work, and their physical environment to enhance work system performance is fundamental.

Professionalism and Feedback

Philippa places great importance in conducting herself in a professional manner. She is involved in ongoing professional development and participates in regular peer review. As a sole practitioner, Philippa prides herself on providing an efficient, personal and skilled service. Feedback on her services is welcome. Please do not hesitate to offer this.


I am able to conduct virtual workstation and workplace assessments. Contact me here